Welcome to Our Something New!

By admin

Thank you for checking out my wedding website! Nobody is more shocked than I am that I’m engaged!

I want to write these blog entries because anything really extraordinary that has ever happened to me has blown by in a whirlwind. So, I want to make sure that I stop, breathe, reflect on and remember this very important time in my life. Plus, I thought it would be more fun to take my friends along for the ride- rather than just having a traditional wedding website.

This isn’t your typical “I’ve dreamed of my wedding day my whole life” kind of blog. In fact, I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d ever walk down the aisle. Up until one year ago, I was single for years, in a going nowhere relationship for 6 years before that… I watched most of my friends get married, and my younger sister and much younger brother say “I do”.  Then, out of nowhere, I met my fiance. I thought the whole “when you know, you know” was a bunch of BS- but low and behold, I met him and I knew. No games, no questioning. One year later, we’re engaged.

After being in 12 1/2 weddings (see next blog) and as a bride in my 30s, I want to do things my- or rather- our way. I hope you’ll comment, make suggestions, interact and join us on this journey!