I said yes… to the dress

By Elisa DiStefano

okay, to 4 dresses… and counting!

I knew going in that choosing “the dress” will be the most difficult wedding choice I have to make. I also am not even close to the kind of shape I hope to be in on my wedding day…. so…. I’ve been putting off dress shopping… until now.

I started my dress search at Bridal Reflections and The Wedding Salon of Manhasset… and I found dresses I really love! And I had wonderful (not at all overwhelming as I expected) experiences at both places.

Everyone has said (besides you better get a dress soon) that when I find “the dress” I’ll just know… well, I don’t know. I’m waiting for that “moment”. I feel like I have to have that feeling like I have to have this dress and only this dress- and so far I haven’t felt it exactly.

I went into this dress search having no idea what I wanted (um, I still don’t really know). I love fashion, yet have no words to describe the kind of wedding dress I’d like.  I guess I just never imagined what I would look like as a bride. Silhouette? Huh? No clue. Lace? Sure. Sparkle? I like sparkles.

So I’ve tried on a variety… all shapes and styles… straight, poofy… one so poofy I couldn’t even fit through the dressing room door (my dear trusted friend and colleague Newsday’s Style Writer Anne Bratskeir came along for this one and caught it on camera) … but I’m still waiting for that “this is the dress” moment.

dressShould I just keep looking? The salons say I am running out of time to order (is that true btw?)!

Did you have that “moment”?

Have you seen any dresses you love? Please share! Links, photos, descriptions?!? I’ll take advice too!

I’m taking my mom and sisters to see my frontrunners… so we’ll see what they think…

to be continued…