Let the plans begin. Location, location, location.

This is my busiest time of year.

IMG_1951 I work weekends in the Hamptons, work pretty much all week too, of course there are a ton of summer events, and I pretty much have no time to do anything … including wedding planning!  That’s not to say I am not excited. I’ve discovered the joys of pinning… and at least I feel like I am doing something- gathering ideas count!

It’s been one month since we got engaged, it seems the #1 thing that has to be done right now  (actually mostly everyone has volunteered to tell me that I better get on it) is picking the venue and setting a date. Agree?

Because of my job (and because I’ve been in – and to- so many weddings) I think I’ve visited just about every venue on Long Island. There are so many beautiful spots. Ideally, I’d love to have a small wedding at my aunt and uncle’s home in the Hamptons, but it’s far for most, a lot to ask of them, and let’s face it, we are not going to end up having a small wedding.

Some things I know I have to keep in mind… Mo’s family is traveling, many of our guests are traveling, and so I want the location to be easy to get to from the airport and have hotel options nearby. Suggestions?

My immediate picks are-

Allegria. It’s on the beach, close to our home, and our out of town guests can stay right at the hotel, so it sort of becomes a destination wedding.

Carlyle. They always put on a beautiful affair and I love the main ballroom. I like the idea that Mo and his friends can potentially play golf the day of. The grounds are beautiful for outdoor photos and cocktail hour. Central location.

The Harbor Club at Prime. It’s redone & new. On the water.

Chelsea Mansion. One of my favorite spots on Long Island. I love the Gold Coast Estates and the history of  the mansion. The grounds are unique and beautiful. It’s very different. I love it so much, I had my brother and sister in law take their wedding photos there last year!

Oheka Castle. Perhaps my favorite place on Long Island. I love the history and giving friends tours. I love the family that owns it. It makes me happy being there. It’s one of the first places I took Mo when we started dating. In fact, it’s where he proposed. We have such good memories there including my favorite charity gala & a Gatsby party! Plus, our friends and family can stay overnight.. they have their new restaurant and a beautiful bar…. so it also could be somewhat of a destination wedding.

As I write this blog, I think I realize what my heart is set on. So much for a small wedding is right.

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