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The Honeymoon Is Over…

By Elisa DiStefano


honeymoon 1… but, as cheesy as this sounds, I truly feel like our new life together has begun. That comes with new priorities… I can’t explain why, but being married does feel different.

Thank you for all of the comments and emails encouraging us to go on a honeymoon- I am so happy we did.

It was pretty much a last minute decision to go away (thank god our dog is doing okay). We went down to Bermuda for 5 days- and that was perfect for us. Minimal planning, a short flight, a beautiful beach, and some much needed rest. I knew I was exhausted, but I didn’t realize just how exhausted I was until we got there… okay got on the plane… and I just collapsed!

After going going going for months, when we both finally stopped, it really hit us.

So thank goodness we had a few days with our phones off and no schedule to keep to really wind down and let it all sink in. We spent the days at the beach and in the pool, and went out to dinner every night.

(and a few drinks!)

a few of these...

a few of these…... led to this! #drunkinlove… led to this! #drunkinlove


I don’t think we even spoke to anyone else until 4 days in!

We napped, we ate, we read, we relaxed and we talked to each other – really talked to each other – about how great the wedding was of course, but also about our life together and what’s next.

Bermuda had some of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen

Bermuda had some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen

I loved being in this water!

I loved being in this waterwe loved this infinity pool

& we loved this infinity pool








honeymoon 3 small


honeymoon 9




honeymoon 13



honeymoon 12 bathing




honeymoon 15










Our first full weekend home post wedding, I still have to unpack from not only the honeymoon, but boxes and bags from the wedding. We have a room full of gifts to open, emails to write, loads of laundry, and to-do lists galore (including updating this site!), but there is something so nice about being back to, I guess, our new normal… and getting excited for our next something new.

Just Married!

By Elisa DiStefano

I keep reminding myself of one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Seuss…

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

our first selfie as husband and wife!

our first selfie as husband and wife!

I truly had the best time of my life- with the love of my life and my best friends & family. I enjoyed every single second. I feel so blessed. We are just so happy.

I have so much to say and share about our wedding… and I’ll do just that when we get back from our honeymoon! Yes, we decided last minute to go to Bermuda. After days of family fun, we are going to relax and enjoy each other. 

our second selfie as husband & wife!

our second selfie as husband & wife! 

So for now, here are a few pictures that my bridal attendant was kind enough to take while we were taking our professional photos.


castle front

castle back



The Other Wedding Band

By Elisa DiStefano

A ring I will wear for The. Rest. Of. My. Life.

That part doesn’t scare me.

It’s picking a ring I’ll love forever that does. Sure, one can upgrade, but I want wedding bands that we’ll wear for as long as we both shall live. No pressure.

Since I had no involvement in picking my engagement ring (by choice, read here) choosing a wedding band is even more special for me. And it’s hard! I give Mo, and all the guys who pick out engagement rings, a lot of credit. I actually feel really bad now that he had no help from me. Yet, somehow, he picked the perfect ring.

So now, I have to pick the perfect wedding band to compliment it.

Sounds simple, but it’s not!

Thank goodness we have help from the bling queen herself, Idayne from Kravit Jewelers. My dear friend Ingrid introduced us, I think in an effort to help me cross yet another thing off of my wedding to-do list.

Idayne has more sparkle than all of the (gorgeous, by the way) jewels in her store and she knows her stuff.  Idayne made an otherwise stressful process a lot of fun for me—and Mo.  I loved doing it together — with her help.

ring elisa 2I went to Idayne thinking that I wanted something super simple. Just a thin band.

#1, although I plan to wear this for the rest of my life, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life paying for it (the wedding bills are pouring in! yikes.).

#2, I didn’t want it to take away from my engagement ring.

She showed me what I thought I wanted… and lots, lots more…

We tried one thin band. We tried two. ring elisa 3

ring elisa thin band




My engagement ring setting is kind of low so there’s a gap between it and the wedding band.

I wanted something that fit under my stone.  Idayne made a cast of my ring so we could construct a band (with maybe some sparkle TBD) that would snug right in there.

ring elisa thick bandBut, didn’t like how that looked either.

We tried a thicker band.

Do I stick with platinum? Go with gold? And I like rose gold too… ring stacked

How did you choose?

idayne 1






As for Mo’s wedding band- he  tried on just as many! He liked silver, but he always wears a gold ring passed down from his dad on his other hand…  so we are thinking perhaps a two tone?

ring mo gold 2ring mo plat





Most importantly, I want it to be comfortable for him! So he will never ever ever take it off. Mo, are you reading this? I’m kidding. (kind of)

Okay, so back to mine… after several trips to Idayne and lots and lots of options…

she decided to just create a unique ring for me… so she’s busy molding and designing… and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

And as for that other wedding band– we found and booked a great band, an awesome guest singer, a fantastic DJ–  but we still need a wedding song!

To be continued…




Drop It!

By Elisa DiStefano


Make-up free me

Make-up free me

I am not quite ready to drop the towel for the bikini body reveal just yet….

okay, I may never ever be ready for that!

My weigh in at Synergy Fitness 3 weeks ago- hitting the 20 lb mark!

My weigh in at Synergy Fitness 3 weeks ago- hitting the 20 lb mark! High five!


But I did drop 20 pounds.

That’s as of my weigh-in with my trainer Geri Ainbinder at Synergy Fitness in Baldwin three weeks ago. I have another weigh in on Monday (gasp!) and I don’t step on the scale in between weigh-ins, because she doesn’t want me to obsess about numbers.

So why am I writing a blog about losing 20 pounds?

I am writing this because over the last week or two, I’ve received an overwhelming number of tweets, facebook messages, and people stopping me in person asking how much weight I’ve lost and how I did it. And if I can motivate just one person to live a healthier life, writing this is worth it!

Like my favorite quote from the late and great Maya Angelou says,

Nothing will work unless you do.”

And I’ve been working my butt off, literally.

It’s funny because when I look at myself, I don’t really see the difference. I don’t feel skinny and wouldn’t consider my self in-shape (yet) by any means. But, I do feel the difference in me both physically (I feel stronger) and emotionally.

I’ve been thinking about, besides the fact that my clothes didn’t fit, why my weight gain bothered me so much. Enough to take, what some consider, drastic (for me) measures.

miranda 1miranda 2This issue of Women’s Health with Miranda Lambert on the cover caught my eye in the nail salon and I could really relate. Miranda also lost 20 pounds. I never saw Miranda as heavy but rather refreshingly normal, although I admit she looks awesome now. She talks about how mean the public is when it comes to weight and how distracting her weight became to her work.

They asked her: miranda 3 quote

And that’s how I felt.

MEN- not one woman- were messaging me saying nasty things about my appearance, asking if I was pregnant. Up until now I’d be embarrassed to ever admit that, or admit just how much it hurt my feelings. But it did. I get it’s a part of being in the public eye, but I bring it up so maybe if you are reading this… you think twice about writing something hurtful to someone on social media.

I digress. Back to the weight loss- or lifestyle change as I prefer to call it.

I’ve been training with Geri for one hour twice a week since the beginning of January. We’ve come a long way (click here to read how my journey began). She still pushes me. I still cry a little, complain a lot, and on occasion throw up. But when I am ready to give up, she tells me to keep pushing. I picture that wedding dress (I have my first fitting tomorrow!)… and I hear the kind compliments I’ve received echo in my head. And I keep going. And I am so thankful that she sometimes forces me to keep going! She wants me to get in cardio on the days I am not with her… I’m trying to.

Stacy "evaluating" me!

Stacy “evaluating” me!

Then there’s my eating. And that’s all Stacy Curcio from Fitness for All (click here for how I began working with Stacy). Stacy has taught me how to eat, what to eat, and even how to cook. No processed food, no dairy, no sugar.

Every few weeks we meet, she evaluates me, and we change my diet. Yesterday she took my body fat percentages at a diner. And I wasn’t even that embarrassed!

Body fat percentage time... at a diner. #soLongIsland

Body fat percentage time… at a diner. #soLongIsland 







Stacy writes down what I should eat, how much of it I should eat, and at what times I should eat it. I am still weighing chicken, measuring egg whites, and counting cashews. I start my new eating plan today- and this one involves tuna fish so I am nervous but I know I can do it. As stressful as it can be sometimes preparing my food and packing it in containers every night, and making egg whites and spinach at 2:45 am every morning before work, it’s worth it. And somehow it makes my day less stressful because I never have to worry about what I am going to eat or having to go out and get something.

 Now, it’s not so much about how much more weight I’m going to “drop”.

I just want to tone up and feel good. I’m a work in progress on my way to achieving my best self.